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Proiectare instalatii sibiu


        AGER INSTAL S.R.L. is certified by the National Regulatory Authority for Energy - ANRE for carrying out the design of electrical/ outdoor electrical installations for civil and industrial buildings / enclosures, aerial and underground connections at the nominal voltage of 0.4 kV, with Certificate no. 11498 / 23-11-2015 type Bp.

        AGER INSTAL S.R.L. is authorized by the National Center for Fire Safety and Civil Protection in accordance with OMAI Nr. 87/2010, as amended and supplemented, for:

  • Authorisation Series A No. 3094 / 18.01.2013 - Designing of systems and signaling, alarm and alarm systems in case of fire;

  • Authorisation Series A No. 3095 / 18.01.2013 - Designing of systems and installations for limiting and extinguishing fires;

  • Authorisation Series A No. 5166 / 29.09.2015 - Designing of ventilation systems and installations for the disposal of smoke and hot gases, except those of natural-organized type;

Proiectare instalatii sibiu

Proiectare instalatii sibiu

Atestat Bp
A3094 - Semnalizare, alarmare si alertare
A3095 - Limitare si stingere
A5166 - Ventilare a fumului si gazelor fierbinti
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