AGER INSTAL S.R.L. is a limited liability company, an engineering company specialised in the design of installations for civil and industrial installations, specialised in technical consultancy in the field of installations engineering and in the field of fire safety of buildings.

   AGER INSTAL S.R.L. has as main object of activity the integrated design of the installations related to the civil, industrial and agrozootechnical constructions, for the realization of the new and existing investments, thus meeting the functional criteria that are required for the structure of resistance and non-structural elements of the interior spaces as well as for the technical- of the degree of comfort, in close correlation with the compliance requirements, sizing of the necessary installations and equipments.


       SC AGER INSTAL S.R.L. ensures the preparation of complete technical documentation at all design phases, namely:

  • Designing of installations for civil constructions, industrial and agro-technical constructions, like:

       - Plumbing installations;

       - Thermal installations;

       - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning installations;

       - Electrical installations;

  • Design of BIPV/T systems;

  • Design of public utility networks;

  • Design of extinguishing systems and installations;

  • Design of fire detection, signaling and warning systems and installations;

  • Design of ventilation systems and installations for the discharge of smoke and hot gases.

  • Energy efficiency studies and building optimisation.